How do I Split a video in iMovie?

  1. open the Imovie icon on your home screen (download from the app store)
  2. AT the top of the screen tap "projects" then, tap the box with the plus under the grey line at the top left side of the screen 
  3. choose “Movie” option
  4. choose “simple” option at the bottom of the screen (it should already be there)
  5. at the top right hand side of the screen tap “Create”
  6. you have to add videos now, to make a video go to the left hand side of the screen, and tap the camera and take a video  (it can not be a photo)
  7. To add a video you already have in your ipad, go to the middle right hand side of the screen, tap “video”  
  8. near the bottom at the middle of the screen there is a white line going down the middle, put that at the place you want to crop of your video
  9. Tap the video 
  10. At the bottom of the screen tap “split”
  11. Choose the video you want to cut off by tapping it
  12. At the bottom right hand corner tap delete with the trash can

    Posted Dec 14, 2015, 5:24 AM by D Beach
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