How do I raise or lower water levels on Kodu?

    1. Launch the kodu app
    2. click “new world’
    3. click on the water symbol at the bottom of the screen (blue square with waves on top)
    4. click on the colored water symbol in the top left corner of the water symbol
    5. choose what type of water you want (example: blue)
    6. click on your area of land
    7. repeatedly click on your land to add height to the water
    8. click on the object tool symbol at the bottom of the screen (blue helicopter symbol with eyes)
    9. click on your land area to have the object tool menu opened
    10. choose any underwater object to place on your land (example: lily pads)
    11. right click on your object and choose program
    12. for “when” choose "keyboard" then click the plus and choose “misc”, then “more” and then choose “left shift”
    13. for “do” choose “actions” and “raise water”
    14. On the next line click on the “when” option
    15. for “when” choose “keyboard” and then click the plus sign, choose "misc" click "more and click “left control”
    16. for “do” choose “lower water”
    17. Press esc to exit programming
    18. Press esc and see if your water level changes with your water level with your buttons!

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