How do I blur the background of a photo in PIXLR?

1. Log into your computer

2 .Go to

3. scroll down

4. click “Pixlr editor” launch web app

5. click on “open image from computer”

6. Select the picture you have saved to your computer

7. click the lasso tool (directly underneath the top right tool)

8. Right beside the lasso tool at the very top there are two different types of lassos

9. Choose the one on the right side (Polygonal lasso tool, it is the second one)

10. Click and drag all around the object that you do not want blurred

11. Connect the end of the line to the beginning of the line

12. Once you have done that, there should be a dotted line

13. Go to “edit” at the top left corner

14. Go to the bottom of it and click on “Invert selection”

15. Then, there should be a dotted line around the whole picture

16. go to “filter” which is the sixth section at the top

17. Go three down to “gaussian Blur”

18. Then click on “gaussian Blur”

19. Your background has been blurred

20. Drag left or right to make it more blurry or less blurry

21. then click the “ok” button

22. now go to file at the very top left hand corner

23. Go five down and click on “save”

24. change the format from png to jpeg

25. Choose your quality

26. then press “ok”

27. Choose the file you want to save it to

28. Press “save”

29. Then you are finished!

    Posted Apr 20, 2016, 7:03 AM by Caitlyn Pace
    Posted Feb 26, 2016, 7:17 AM by D Beach
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