How do I get an "A" in Tech Ed?

  1. Be on time & Find a seat quickly: no seating arrangement unless otherwise stated (1st come; 1st serve)
  2. open our website @ instructions for current assignment and any you may have missed will be here (updated daily) 
  3. Be in seat and on task: be seated with work for this class on all screens at all times (no games, messaging, videos, or any content unrelated to this class)
  4. Bring headphones: listening to music, at a reasonable volume, while you work is acceptable (no phones; no music)
  5. Stay busy: If you complete the current assignment early, get in the Toy Box (a list of fun but educational Apps & programs you may play with when other work is completed and uploaded)
  6. Don't give up: I take late work and redo's at no penalty right up until grades are uploaded (if you fix it and Engrade message me when it is uploaded to the web site with the specifics, I will grade it)  
  7. Be a friend: this entire class is about sharing what we know with others, so, if your work is done, consider helping a friend finish up (any off task behavior for any length of time may result in a write up for class disruption or insubordination)
  8. Be a Genius: there are promotions & privileges available for the hardworking student that knows their tech (website moderation, control over which tutorials get made & uploaded, assignment exemptions, etc.)
  9. Use time wisely: most of your devices display the time (know when class ends and manage your minutes wisely)
  10. Take your trash with you: Leave your work space as you found it (or cleaner)

    Posted May 2, 2016, 7:09 AM by Caitlyn Pace

    Posted Dec 28, 2015, 9:26 AM by D Beach
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