How do I make my own SOS Helps tutorial on my iPad?

  1. Log in to your google drive and open your shared folder for this class.
  2.  Tap the little blue plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  3.  Choose Google Slides in your Google Drive.
  4.  Once the google slides app opens tap the plus again to make a new presentation.
  5.  Name your presentation the name of the current assigned tutorial
  6.  Tap the little plus sign on the top right of the screen.
  7.  Choose image.
  8.  Choose from photos.
  9.  Select the photo you want by tapping on it (screenshot or photo of the step you are illustrating).
  10.  Tap a corner and drag to resize the image to your desired size.
  11.  Tap and drag from the center of your image to move it to desired position.
  12.  Tap and drag text box corners to resize.
  13.  Tap and drag text box to desired position.
  14.  Select and delete any unwanted text boxes.
  15.  Double tap on the text box to add a text.
  16.  Type the first step in the box. *Note some formatting of fonts, colors, and backgrounds on slides may be required as the class moves.
  17.  Select image and tap the crop icon, and drag the edges inward until only the part you want is in the area.
  18. Double tap on the area you want to keep to complete crop.
  19. Resize and move to what suits you, If your image blocks your text you could send to back.
  20.  Tap the plus icon at the top of the page again.
  21. Choose shape.
  22. Choose arrows.
  23. Select the arrow which you think best fits your need.
  24. Tap and drag to move to desired position.
  25. Drag blue and yellow pivot points and corners to resize and reshape arrow.
  26. Tap the little paint bucket icon and choose a color for your arrow
  27. Tap the little crayon icon and choose your shape outline as well.
  28. Position your arrow to point to the intended area of focus.
  29. Double tap shape to add text.
  30.  Select text, Tap the text formatting icon ( “A” with some lines coming out of it to the right).
  31. Format text to your choice.
  32. Tap the plus sign again to add another object.
  33. Choose shape again.
  34. Choose the oval.
  35. Tap and drag it out to cover the area you would like to draw attention to.
  36. While you still have the oval selected tap the paint bucket icon.
  37. Choose no color.
  38. Choose the crayon again and select outline color.
  39. Check that text is easy to read and all areas of interest are clearly marked.  
  40.     Tap “New Slide” button and repeat steps for the remaining slides until your done.
  41. Now you have to tap the share icon.
  42.  Next you share your presentation as public on the web under advanced,
  43.  lastly alert a student moderator that you need uploaded.

    Posted May 2, 2016, 7:13 AM by Caitlyn Pace

    Posted Dec 28, 2015, 9:54 AM by D Beach
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