How do I paint with PISKEL?

  1. Go to the piskel website at
  2. Click “create a sprite”
  3. To import an image go to our SOS Helps tutorial here
  4. Your computer should’ve already picked the pen tool for you to use, but if not, click on the pen tool (long, hollow stick at the top left of the piskel website)
  5. Click on the black square beside of the white square (located at the bottom left of the piskel website) this should bring up a grid of colors and shades for you to choose from
  6. Move the white circle with your mouse to pick what type of shade of color you want (located in the bottom left corner of the colors grid and the circle should start on the black shade) 
  7. Once you have the shade of color you want, move the white rectangle to the type of color you want (located on the right side of the colors’ shade grid)
  8. Once you have the color and shade you want, move your mouse over to the place that you want to color your picture with
  9. To change the size of the pen, go to the four squares located at the top left of the piskel website, and you have four sizes (smallest to largest) to pick which pen size you want
  10. Begin to fill in the area that you wanted to paint/color on your image
  11. If you make a mistake, go to the eraser tool (square that is halfway filled in located under the paint bucket tool) and begin to erase your mistakes
  12. You can choose the size of the eraser the same way that you could choose the size of your pen
  13. Use the “paint bucket tool” to fill in big areas (located under the “pen tool”) (bucket with paint falling out of it)
  14. You can decide on a color for the “paint bucket tool” and begin to fill in the large area
  15. Switch back to your pen tool and make the edges neater, that the “paint bucket tool” missed
  16. Enjoy coloring you picture on PISKEL

    Posted Apr 19, 2016, 7:13 AM by D Beach
    Posted Mar 15, 2016, 7:56 AM by D Beach
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