How do I make a picture look 3D with PIXLR?

    1. go to
    2. scroll down to “pixlr editor”
    3. click launch web app
    4. press “open image from computer
    5. choose your picture that you have saved to your computer
    6. double click on your image
    7. click layer in the top left of your screen
    8. press “duplicate layer” (the second one)
    9. go to “adjustment” (also in the top left)
    10.  select “levels” (5th one)
    11. right beside “channel” press on “rbg” and change it to red
    12. hold on the white square and swipe left until your output level is at 10 (it's right when it's right beside the black square and you’re pic is teal)
    13. then press “ok”
    14. press on the other copy you made (the one that has no effects)
    15. click on “adjustment”
    16. go to “levels”
    17. change “rbg” to green
    18. put the white square to “10” or right beside black square
    19. now change it to blue
    20. then press “ok”
    21. now below layer double click (on the red one) so they’re both checked
    22. now select the toggle tool (bottom left)
    23. change the mode to difference (goes back to original image
    24. now go to the “move tool” (top left with the mouse)
    25. slightly move you pic to the right or left
    26. click file in the top left corner
    27. press save
    28. change your format to jpeg
    29. choose your quality
    30. press “ok”
    31. save to your file
    32. then press “save”
    33. now you're finished!

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