How do I make a collage with PIXLR?

  1. Log into your computer 
  2. Go to
  3.  Scroll down to “Pixlr Express”
  4. Select “Launch web app”
  5.  Click “collage” (4th one)
  6.  Choose your layout, spacing, roundness, proportions, and color at the bottom
  7.  Then click the “+” button 
  8. Choose your picture
  9.  Doubleclick 
  10. If you want to edit it select the paintbrush tool when hovering over the picture
  11.  You can also move the picture if it's not at the spot you want
  12. Do the same exact steps as I just showed for the rest of the picture in the collage 
  13. Once you’re done click “finished”
  14. Then you can edit the picture however you want after
  15. Then press “save” at the top
  16. Choose your name and quality
  17. Then press “save”
  18. Choose your document 
  19. Then press “save” once more

    Posted May 11, 2016, 6:11 AM by D Beach
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