How do I use the kaleidoscope tool in PIXLR?

1. Log in to your computer
2. Go to “”
3. Scroll down and click on “Pixlr Editor”
4. Click on “open image from computer”
5. Select the picture of your choice 
6. Choose the “Lasso tool”
7. Go to the top right and click the “Polygonal”
8. Click and drag around the main object or person in your picture (do this very neatly)
9. Make sure that you connect the two ends of the lasso tool 
10. Once the two ends are connected, go to the edit section at the very top of the screen 
11. Go 11 sections down and click on the “invert selection” button
 12. Once you have inverted your selection, Go to the filter section at the top of the screen and click on it
13. Go down 15 columns and click the “kaleidoscope” button
14. Then you can ajust the size, horizantal, and vertical (you can do this with the scale) then hit ok
15. Go to file in the top left 
16 Go down to save (5th one)
17. Choose your name (recomend putting a name that is goes with the picture)
18. Click your format by pressing the arrow pointing downwards, you can choose png, bmp, or just the original jpeg 
19. Select your quality (higher quality, takes up more space-lower quality, saves space)
20. Choose your document 
21. Then press save

    Posted May 4, 2016, 8:05 AM by D Beach
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