How do I trace a picture with PIXLR?

1. Log into your computer.
2. Search for an easy to draw picture.
3. Go to “”
4. Scroll down to “Pixlr editor.”
5. Click on “Launch web app”.
6. Click on “open image from computer”.
7. Double click the picture you want to trace over.
8. Click “new layer”.
9. Select the “color picker tool”.
10. Select the main color on your picture.
11. Draw/trace over your picture where that color is
12. Repeat the same steps with all of the other colors.
13. Once you have completely colored over your picture, double-Click the “Lock” next to the “Layer 0”
14. Uncheck the box next to Layer 0
15. Then you should see the picture YOU drew. (If there are any gaps where you painted, you must “recheck” the checkmark next to Layer 0 to fix it)
16 .Then select File in the top left corner
17.Go five buttons down and hit the Save button
18.Select ok
19.Then name your photo
20.Then hit ok

    Posted Apr 11, 2016, 6:13 AM by D Beach
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