How do I score a goal on Pyonkee?

  1. Open pyonkee
  2. Create a rectangular sprite
  3. Drag the sprite to where you want the goal to be
  4. Go and create a second sprite and draw it as a number zero
  5. Then go under costumes and tap paint new then make the number one
  6. Repeat this process until you have a long set of number costumes
  7. Then set the costume back to the zero
  8. Then go into the rectangles script and drag “when (flag) is clicked” in
  9. Tap control, then still under control drag “if (blank)” under script
  10. Then drag the “forever script” into the code box
  11.  Put the “if blank script” into the code box then drag the forever onto the flag script then dr5ag the if blank into the tongs on the forever script
  12. Go to sensing and drag “touching color” (BLANK) into the diamond shape on if blank
  13. Go back to control and grab broadcast and drag that in between the “if”
  14. Then make it broadcast some message
  15. Go back to the number zero sprite
  16. Drag in “when I receive blank” (under control)
  17. Tap the drop down box and choose the message you made
  18. Then go under Looks and grab next costume and put that under your other piece of code
  19. Now create another sprite 
  20.  Make two arrows to move it
  21. After doing so go under your rectangles code and choose the color the sprite you just made under the blank in the blue diamond code
  22. After create a reset button doesn't have to be much a red circle will do
  23. Attach the code when sprite is clicked  and  broadcast together on this sprite
  24. After create a message by clicking the drop down box and choosing new
  25. After doing so go into the zero sprite once more
  26. And drag in when i receive blank into it
  27. Next drag switch to costume blank
  28. Tap the drop down box and choose costume one
  29. Now when you go and click the button in far top right and now if you use the arrow keys you made and you drive the sprite into the goal rectangle it will give you a point

    Posted Apr 27, 2016, 6:44 AM by Caitlyn Pace
    Posted Mar 17, 2016, 8:01 AM by D Beach
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